Mouserian ( Neanderthal) Hand Flint Axe 

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    Mousterian ( Neanderthal) Hand Flint Axe with Display Stand

    This is a well worked example of a lovely Moustarian ( Neanderthal)  hand axe. It is guaranteed authentic. It is a beautiful object to hold in the hand and comes with an acrylic display stand as seen in picture. The Mousterian is a techno-complex of stone tools, associated primarily with Neanderthals in Europe. 
    Date: Neanderthal
    Provenance: Eure, Normandy, France 
    Size: 7 x 5.2 x 2.4 cm weight 71 gm 
    Condition: Good condition code 5485



    Brand : Mouserian ( Neanderthal) Hand Flint Axe 

    Weight : 0.2kg