Large Prehistoric Fossil Coprolite ( Poo) Marine Turtle 50 MYO + Display Stand

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     Large Piece of Prehistoric Fossilised Coprolite ( Poo) from a Marine Turtle with Display Stand

    Large piece of fossilised coprolite from a marine turtle. The name coprolite comes from the Greek word Kopros, meaning dung. This type of fossil provides useful information as to the behaviour and diet of the organism. Supplied with a click and twist acrylic display stand. Would make a most unusual gift or an addition to a collection.Supplied with the small card pictured. ideal gift if you are stuck for ideas.
    Date: Dates back to some 50 Million Years Ago.
    Provenance: Found in Madagascar
    Size: Size 198 gms  9.3 x 4.4 cm  code 5343


    Brand : Fossil Coprolite

    Weight : 0.25kg