Jurassic  Fossil  Dragon Fly Insect  Wings; Solnhoffen 

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    Jurassic  Fossil  Dragon Fly Insect  Wings; Solnhoffen with acrylic display stand

    Dragonfly  fossil  Insect wings giving an ephemeral  snap shot peep  in time. Supplied with a click and twist acrylic display stand

    Date  Jurassic, Uppermost Kimmeridgian ( Tithonian) 150 MYO
    Provenance: Solnhofener Plattenkalk, Blumenburg, Eichstatt, Bavaria, Germany
    Size: 12.5 x 12.5 cm  168 gm 
    Condition: Repaired horizontal crack . code5360


    Brand : Fossil Insect

    Weight : 0.5kg