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 Ice Age Fossilized Plum Pudding Stone with acrylic display stand-

Slice of Pudding stone, also known as plum-pudding stone. The slice has an  array deep greys and blacks, polished on one side and unpolished on reverse. The rounded dark pebbles and the contrast against the grey/brown colour of finer grained background give it a pleasing appearance. This has been likened to an image of raisins in a Christmas or plum pudding. It was formed as a conglomerate of flint pebbles compressed and cemented together by the weight of ice during the ice age. Ideal as unusual Christmas gift, unusual display piece or addition to a collection.
Provenance: Pudding stone can also be found in the London Basin. However, this specimen was found in Hertfordshire, UK
Size: 9.2 x 9 cm weight 220 gm
Condition: Some fine  detail and one of the best picks of the batch. There may be minor flaws due to it being a natural product. Pictures may appear larger or smaller due to angle of photography. code 5331



 Ice Age Fossilized Plum Pudding Stone with acrylic display stand-

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