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Fossil Shrimp  Group  with display stand
Group of Fossil shrimps in natural matrix of sub-oolitic limestone. Upper Cretaceous, Cenomanian . Species Carpopenaeus Callirostris. From the quarries at Hadjoula village, Lebanon. This area has produced some wonderful marine fossils.Comes with an acrylic display stand so that it can be displayed in your home or office space or class room.Would make a great addition to a fossil collection, educational tool, or unique present .Small information card supplied. Although the shrimps  are  genuine and natural, some of the extremities have been enhanced, which is common in most of the ones you see for sale. . The shrimp fossil is  is supplied with a small click and twist acrylic display stand. This shrimp has very nice detail.code 5349

11 x 10.8 cm weight 181 gms



l Lebanese Shrimp

Gift Boxed Fossil Lebanese Shrimp Group 95 MYO + Stand (1)

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