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 Gastornis Fossil Eggshell Piece

Piece of fossilized eggshell from a Gastornis. This was a flightless bird that grew up to 2 metres tall. It`s remains have been found in Western Europe, USA and China. It is from the Eocene, some 50 Million years ago. The egg shell is supplied with the card pictured in a clear zip lock bag.

Size: The pieces of egg shell are all from same batch. The second picture shows the batch, and you will receive one, selected at random from the group seen. The size range is approximately  1 to 1.2 x 1 to 1.5 cm .
Provenance: Provence, France
Condition: The shell piece is fragile and should be handled with care.Please note, this is really an entry level fossil. I purchased a batch already made up and mounted on the paper backing. The egg shell has been attached with a small blob of glue. This will almost certainly be the same for other similar ones presented like this. 

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Fossil Eggshell

Fossil Eggshell Piece Gastornis ( Flightless Bird) 50 MYO Provence,France

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