Boar Jaw Section +Teeth; Scrofa Linne East Poland.Hand Crafted Stand (1)

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    Ice Age  Fossil Lower left Horse jaw with Teeth Hand Crafted Stand

    Section of lower left jaw from a horse. Equis Caballus.  Supplied with a locally hand crafted steel stand painted black
    Date: Pleistocene, Devensian
    Provenance Lecheim by Darmstadt, Germany
    Size: 31 x 10.5 cm. Depth 2.9 cm Weight 594 gm  The stand measures 14cm tall. Base is 8.8  x 7.8 cm at base.
    Condition: Nicely preserved jaw bone with five large solid molar teeth.Plenty of good detail on the teeth and bone. No repairs. code 5193



    Brand : Boar Jaw Section

    Weight : 1kg