Azurite Malachite Raw Crystal Gemstone Deep Blue/Green 178 gms (1)

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     Raw/Rough Cut Azurite Malachite Natural Unpolished Gemstone with Acrylic Display Stand-

    Azurite Malachite is a member of the copper family. Colours range from green through to blue.These specimens contain a fusion of varying degrees of deep blue azurite with green areas of malachite .It was mined in Morocco. The stone is steeped in history. The ancient Chinese referred to it as a stone from heaven, believing it could open celestial gateways. Prized by Greeks, Romans and Native Americans alike . In healing circles, it is believed to be soothing, calming, centering and balancing, helping with anxiety and stability.Supplied with an acrylic display stand.
    As with some other crystals, please be aware of potential toxicity and research this before buying. The outer pigment can be toxic, more so if it is ground up or smashed apart or ingested.Please take care to wash hands after handling. Keep away from children.
    Weight / Size 178 gms  8.7  x 6.5 
    I have not enhanced the pictures in any way. However, please be aware they may appear brighter or deeper in colour, or larger. If in doubt, please ask me any questions before buying as I am here to help. code 5360



    Brand : Azurite Malachite

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