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 Aragonite Crystal Cluster- with Gold Coloured Organza Gift Bag and Display Stand

Aragonite is a carbonate mineral, which was discovered in 1797 in the Aragon River in Spain, and this is how it got its name.It is mined in a number of countries, but this batch comes form Morocco. The stones in this listing range in varying shades of rich orange/ browns. Each one is unique and slightly different. Also commonly known as sputnik crystal, due to resemblance to first space shuttle .In healing circles, Aragonite is thought to be a stabilizing stone that centres and grounds physical energies, being useful in times of stress. Associated with root chakra.You will receive one specimen from size range of your choice, picked at random from group pictured. It will be supplied in a gold coloured organza gift bag with small card pictured.
Provenance: Morocco
Size: 55 gms 5 x 3 cm 
Condition: Please be aware that the crystal is fragile. It is not suitable for small children.Pieces can chip off and be a safety risk.Handle with card. Colour can fade in direct sun light. code 5404



Aragonite Sputnik Crystal

Aragonite Sputnik Crystal Healing Mineral Clusters in Gift Bag (1)

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