Ametrine Crystal t + Organza Gift Bag (1)

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     Ametrine Crystal Point with Organza Gift Bag 

    Natural polished ametrine crystal quartz  point . Ametrine is a rarer type of quartz containing a natural fusion of both citrine and amethyst. In healing circles, the two crystal types in one are thought to amplify the benefits of each other. Ametrine is thought to bring mental clarity, positivity, creativity and tranquility. In ancient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang, the seemingly opposites ( negative and positives), can be complementary and each give rise to a balanced harmony. Supplied in a purple organza gift bag with small card. The apparent dualities blend together into a harmonious balance . 
    Size: 5. x 2.2cm weight 32 gms 
    Condition: Good quality ametrine. 5340


    Brand : Ametrine Crysta

    Weight : 0.02kg