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About Me

I have been selling fossils, crystals  minerals,and accessories since 2016 and have built up a good feedback profile which you can view my Ebay shop.

Before starting Kates- Collections, I had a rewarding career as a nurse in the NHS spanning some 30 years. I especially loved dealing with people. I have always appreciated the natural world and being outside with nature. I enjoy wild swimming, cycling, walking and being in the elements. I find the concept of deep time fascinating. When I hold a fossil in my hand, I am reminded of the ephemeral nature of our own lives, and I am drawn back into an appreciation of the here and now while also feeling a connection to our own evolution as human beings. Although I only took a serious interest in fossils and minerals around five years ago, and am still on a sharp learning curve, I am very enthusiastic about the subject and I learn more and more every day.

I will always try to be as honest and helpful as I can be. I will do my best to quickly respond to any concerns or queries - however, I am not infallible, but I can guarantee I will do my absolute best to sort anything out. I buy my fossils from reliable sources. All my items for sale are, to the best of my knowledge, fully genuine products. However, I will gladly accept returns for anyone who is any doubt as to the authenticity of the fossil.

I am now slowly building my new website, and will be adding many new products to it.I hope you will browse. I will answer any questions as well as I can, or if I do not know, I will try and find out.

Thank you for visiting my shop,